Soul 1K

Soul 1k

The Soul1K campaign is simple. Every month, Soul Burger will donate $1000 to a chosen charity. Each Soul Burger store will partner with a different charity. As Soul Burger grows, our Soul1K program will grow!

Our Randwick location is working with the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). AMF is an amazing charity, largely because it is so simple!

They distribute bed nets that protect vulnerable communities from mosquito bites and malaria infection.

Our Glebe location is working with Animals Australia. Animals Australian is an incredible Australian organisation that improves the welfare and lives of millions of animals by distributing information, doing undercover exposes of animal abuse, and focussing on reducing the consumption of animals to improve their wellbeing.

The Soul1K program is something we absolutely love doing, and we can't wait to grow further and adopt more and more charities!